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Humble Assessment

Sea Monkeys

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Reverend America

Enigmatic Pilot

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Private Midnight


Kris Saknussemm and Eric Wyatt

Priate Midnight soundtrack
Kris Saknussemm - Reverend America (buy)
Featuring: Eric Wyatt, Lou Mulkern, Christopher O'Riley, Tim Buck, Matthew Revert & Steve Jospeh

Produced by Kris Saknussemm & Matthew Revert

Come Down to the River
I Wander Where Home Is
Main Theme (First Come, First Serve)
If They Are Looking for You
Death Rides a Greyhound
The Needle's Eye
The Lonely Room
Uncommon Prayer
Memory Park
Jacob's Ladder
Roll Call
Catfish Chicken
He Speaks to Me
Time of My Time
Voice of the Whirlwind
Austin by Morning
Rinder's Highway
Blessed Be
Albino Moon
One Cold Angel
Love Theme for Little Red


Priate Midnight soundtrack
Kris Saknussemm and Clamon - Private Midnight (buy)
Produced by Paul Nunns & Kris Saknussemm

1 Susto
2 Sugerencias Oscuras
3 Private Midnight
4 El Miedo
5 No Tricks
6 Wayward Heart
7 Something Bent Or Gracefully Curved
8 Silken Shadows
9 Everyone's a Stranger
10 Lap Dance
11 Eyrie Street Again
12 Cage Games
13 Secret Rain
14 Memory Wound
15 Briannon's Song (You Can't Hurt Me Anymore)
16 Let The Creatures Loose
17 Ordeal By Intimacy
18 Unsolved Summer Nights
19 Wayward Heart (Blonde Alley Reprise)

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