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Humble Assessment

Sea Monkeys

Eat Jellied Eels

Reverend America

Enigmatic Pilot

Sinister Miniatures

Private Midnight


If I can get you to believe you see one elephant where none exists, I can get you to see an entire herd. 

The theme defines the park.  Just as ideas delineate the mind.

The past is the only thing you can repeat.

The boundary between the animate and the inanimate is itself animate.

The best place to hide an elephant is in a herd of elephants.

Constantly recycle yourself.

Camouflage is the most interesting of all the arts.

Instinct is combat proven software.

Give me vivisections and cathedrals, whatever it takes.

Reality has to hide.

People who believe their glass is half-full, don't like what they're drinking.

No one knows why the frogs stop croaking suddenly at once, perhaps not even them.